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come to my tumblr:


thnxbye :)

and i feel::
happy happy
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I had a dream last night about economic theory. Like, I was discussing it with people.

I hope this really was a dream and I wasn't talking about economics in the bar while being drunkard.

The sun is shining! The birds are singing! Thanks Buddha!!!

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my heart is filled with::
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belated new years resolutions:

*watch every Blazer's game
*don't go fake tanning more than 10 times (i didn't go at all the last two years but...i just can't...help..myself....)
*think before writing your lame emo blogs
*save at least $200 a month for this summer (AT LEAST)
*talk to megan/kim/stephanie/your brother more
*keep track of your friends in portland more
*leave the country
*work on vocabulary
*go to the gym at least several times a week
*eat more healthy/eat everyday
*make out with a hot boy
*don't vomit in the bathroom at the tube
*water your plants
*pay bills
*smile at least once a day
*finish reading renaissance books
*make jello shots
*stop buying as much new clothes
*decide what to do with your life by birthday

well i could do other better things, but, i'm just trying to get in, i'm not running for Jesus

and i feel::
sick sick
my heart is filled with::
dr. house md
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i am SOOOOO FUCKING SICK of everything in my life and everything my life represents.

am seriously considering which bridge to jump from! BAH

and i feel::
angry angry
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WOW guatemala thanks for losing my luggage! good thing i wear 5 shirts at once. but no medicine, tampons, birth control, showering things...etc. so lame. now i am in hostel and i walked around outside but it is soooo sketchy here. i sound like a whiner but this hot bulgarian guy i sat next to on the plane said i should never go around guatemala city alone! i am usually better in big cities! honestly this is one of the scariest places i have been, ven though i havent done anything. wish i had amigos with me! i went out in search of hamburguesas and cigarettes but now i am staying in my hostel. now going to watch ´the girls next door, which spanish tv insists on calling girls of the playboy mansion and making me look like a huge pervert.


p.s..not drunk, the keyboard is just wack

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i overdosed on food and sports this thanksgiving. especially sports. i cant get enough. my brother and i watched this show called "THE HOT SEAT" on one of my parents ESPN channels. it was so hilarious. i wish i had that channel now, it was that amazing.

i am watching oregon right now and i hope they win but i'm not expecting much.

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yay happy halloween! everyone be safe, dont eat strange candy, and dont dress too skanky!

pssst: tonight we are eating lots of candy + maybe going to parties, so you should come over!


and i feel::
giggly giggly
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so everyone can look at my icon


so on that note, does anyone want to go to the pumpkin patch with me?!! some weekend?! i awesomely want a pumpkin and maybe a haunted corn maze trip, but my stupid boyfriend has his job back and works every weekend, and since he is the only person legally obligated to take me to the childish things i want on a whim...i have no one.

laa dii da happy almost halloweeeeen

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healthcare for sick poor kids? that's really the fight you want right now? really? REALLY? reeealllly??

seriously, fuck off and die.

helloooooo hillary clinton 08

and i feel::
hungover?still drunk?
my heart is filled with::
the news
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